Parking bollard installation

We install a range of static and telescopic bollards with a variety of options and at excellent prices. Our parking bollard installation process is simple, cost-effective, and consultative.

An experienced member of our company will visit the site where the bollards are to be installed and assess the area to determine the best location for the bollards, as well as the type and size of bollards needed. Once the site survey is complete, we will create a design plan for the bollard installation, taking into account factors such as the location of underground utilities, access points, and any other site-specific considerations.

Before the bollards can be installed, the area must be cleared of any obstructions, and the ground will also need to be marked to indicate where the bollards will be placed. The bollards will be set in place and secured with concrete or other materials as needed. Any necessary markings or signs will also be added to the bollards to indicate their purpose and to ensure they are visible to drivers.





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