Barbed wire fence installers

Our security wire fencing is manufactured to the highest of standards, to provide superb protection for years, if not decades. With security fencing, many factors need to be considered during the installation process, and Guardian Security Fencing are specialists in guiding domestic and commercial customers through the process.

Whether you install barbed wire or razor wire depends very much on the security level needed. Razor wire is more secure than barbed wire due to its sharp, serrated edges, and is best suited for high-security applications. However, some local authorities prohibit its use on private buildings

without exceptional security needs. Razor wire should not be installed by a non-specialist fencing contractor, which is where our expert services come into play.

The choice between barbed wire and razor wire will depend on the specific security needs, legal considerations, installation requirements, maintenance, aesthetics, and budget of the property owner. With our assistance, you can carefully evaluate these factors before making a decision.






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