Security Fencing

Protect your premises without deterring clients


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Palisade fencing

This fencing is highly versatile and robust, and can be used for a wide range of security reasons.  more  

Mesh fencing systems

Mesh fencing offers excellent security while also being more aesthetically pleasing.  more  


We install vertical bar railings for a wide range of medium to high security applications, and can be made to be more decorative as necessary.  more  

Razor and barbed wire

Our security wire fencing is manufactured to the highest of standards, to provide superb protection for years, if not decades.  more  

Matching gates (swing and slide)

We supply gates to complement all styles of commercial fencing, which can be fully automated to your convenience.  more  

Vehicle Barriers (Raising arm barriers)

Our automatic barriers are designed to provide reliability, efficient operation, and durability, and will effectively control traffic entry and exit from your site.  more  

Sports fencing (MUGA pitch fencing)

We specialise in installing sports surrounds, for tennis courts, football and basketball play areas, and more.  more  

Weld mesh fencing

Welded mesh security panels are constructed from galvanised premium steel wire, and provide quality security and through-visibility.  more  

Chain link fencing

We provide high quality wire mesh fencing, which is a superb all-purpose barrier to protect your property.  more  

Anti-climb barriers

Anti-climb barriers make for an imposing and deterrent presence for roofing, walls, and vulnerable building area.  more